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We offer complete Media & PR Solutions


Dey Media

We would like to introduce our self  as “ Dey Media Communications” a  public relations agency based in Agartala with a great blend of youth and experience which means we eagerly keep abreast of the latest innovations in PR and yet manage to keep true to our core values. Our solutions are rooted in sound knowledge of our clients’ businesses and the environment in which they operate.

Our consultants bring to the table sector experience and expertise, which help in providing fast, insightful solutions and building fruitful relationships.

Based in Tripura, we take pride in the fact that we are 100% home grown. Therefore we bring a very strong and deep understanding of the Indian media landscape.

We offer complete Media & PR Solutions

⦿ Event Management

⦿ Organizing Press Conferences

⦿ Distribution of Press Releases

⦿ Hoardings

⦿ Distribution of Video Ads to News Channels

⦿ Distribution of Video Ads in Multiplex, Outdoor LED Screens

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